About Your Editor, Lauren


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I bring [to the metaphorical and literal table] not only a skill set for correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, but a passion for the written word and professionalism with a small side of zany. I have it on good authority that I am a hoot. However, does that mean that I will goof off and not get my work done for you? Absolutely not. You can trust me to maintain a high level of detail and accuracy and to give you my best every time.

I have always loved "wordsmithing," and no, I'm not sure that's an actual word but the noun "wordsmith" is in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and that's my favorite dictionary. Doesn't everyone have a favorite dictionary? From a young age, my friends turned to me to edit their papers for school and professional work copyediting even fell into my lap as an adult a few times. Fast forward a few years to my being a stay-at-home mom with a toddler, wife to a US Navy sailor, with a passion for words going unfulfilled and you can easily see why I would choose the freelance editorial life.

Thank you for letting me help you on your writing journey. Whether you need just a quick glance over for grammar or a more in-depth "big picture" edit, I'm the editor for you!

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Services & Pricing

Notebook and Pen


Proofreading. This will usually be the last step of your writing before it is released to the public. I will finely comb through your material and search for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Generally, this is done after thorough "big picture" editing of your work.

Proofreading Services: Starting at $25/hour

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Reading with Coffee

Beta Reading

This is where I will act as a critique partner with you and your work. I will provide commentary inline as I read your work and construct feedback that will give you my opinions from the point of view of a reader. Let me be your sounding board. This service is recommended for authors who have a mostly polished work that has already been self-edited and just needs small guidance and one more pair of eyes reading it through before it is made public. (If you need help between revisions and rewrites, Alpha Reading may be for you.)

Beta Reading Services: Starting at $25/hour

Person Writing


Copyediting. This is more than just proofreading your work. I will work with you to suggest content changes as needed. This will go through both content and grammar checks, as well as any index/table of contents/chapter numbering/footnote editing as needed. This is the "bigger picture" edit where I will revise and reword for you.

Copyediting Services: Starting at $0.25 per word

Books on the Desk

Alpha Reading

This is a much higher level of beta reading. This is recommended for authors who don't yet have a polished draft of their work and need a hand in making further revisions. We will work together to make sure your characters and plots are developed and clear, that your themes are evident, and that your pacing is tidy and efficient.

Alpha Reading Services: Price negotiable